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How to choose a domain name

6 Tips for Finding the Ideal Domain

Easy to Remember

Choose a domain name that’s easy to remember and short. The Domain Checker will help you find the domain that best suits you!

Know Your Audience

Be relevant to your audience. Focusing on keywords in the domain is important. Do a domain extension search with the Domain Checker.

Less is more

Avoid hyphens and numbers and use only Unicode characters in domain names. Think of the domain name as an investment! Later, a good domain name can be worth a fortune.

Search Popular Words

Use Domain Checker and find domains with popular words. Protect your brand and buy the same domain name and variations of it in the most popular extensions.

Protect Your Privacy

Choose the domain’s Privacy Registry service if you want to avoid your private WHOIS data.

Be quick

Did you find the perfect domain? Be quick! Rule number one: all the best domains sell quickly. Do not waste time.

Change with ease

Do you already have a domain name?

You can use your domain name from another hosting account by transferring it to Bluehosting. It’s easy, it just needs a few clicks!

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Why Blue Hosting ?

Why buy and register a domain with Blue Hosting?

Cheap Domain Up to Renewal

Our mission is to generate domains at the lowest price! Only at Bluehosting do you receive cheap domains with premium quality service. Thanks to our special agreement with TLD holders, we offer exclusive prices on the most popular domains, such as .com and .br registration. Cheap domain registration is our privilege and greatest strength. The website Domain Search tool is the key!

Domain Registration Trust

Premium quality in hosting and the best prices – only at Bluehosting. Millions trust us, we are recognized by renowned TLD companies. Blue Hosting is part of an elite ICANN-authorized domain registrar with more than 40 units around the world. Choose a domain provider with quality, dedication guarantee and low price in the market.

Domain Protection and Privacy

Your domain’s privacy is our top priority. Naturally, when registering your domain name, other registrars will list all of your personal registration data in the WHOIS database, which in most cases are accessible to the public. Bluehosting, as an ICANN-accredited and trusted domain provider, provides the exclusive Domain Privacy Protection Service that will hide all details of your private information from the public eye. Keep your privacy!

Free Domain

Use our Domain Checker to secure the most popular domains in a wide variety of TLDs: .com, .net, .org, etc. Did you know that with Blue Hosting it is also possible to register a free domain in most hosting packages? Simply guarantee one of our hosting services with a free domain and have an exclusive package for a single price. A good deal to buy domain!


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