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Domain Registration and Transfer with Blue Hosting: comfort and security guaranteed

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24x7 support

Our technical support team with specialized domain personnel is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Registering domains has never been so fast! Moving domains has never been so easy!

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DNS management

Changing the DNS servers of your domain is easy, since it does not require any intervention from us and you can do it in seconds. Before transferring your domains to Blue hosting, change the DNS servers so that your domain points to the new DNS.

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Control Panel

Carry out all the procedures for your domain autonomously. Manage your domains: registration, renewal, billing, contact information ... Buying domains has never been so easy!

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Immediate registration

Domain management will begin immediately once payment has been received. The registration or transfer of domains will be carried out at the moment, without waiting or delays, 24 hours a day, including holidays.

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Your brand on the Internet

What better way to reach your customers and potential audience than with a website whose address is your brand name on the Internet. Register or transfer your domain while it is valid and ensure its ownership.

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Email @yourdomain

Create mailboxes and have a professional email, in this way you can provide your contacts with email addresses with your own brand.

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With the registration and transfer of domains in Blue hosting you will be able to configure, from your control panel, the auto-renewal of the domains so that you always have their ownership. You will never have to worry about the fear of losing your domains again.

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Mass registration and transfer

Mass registration of domains. Do not waste time or opportunity to register the domains you want. Transfer your domains in bulk and save time. Transfer all the domains you want. We will take care of the management.


Domain transfer in just 3 steps

You can use your domain name from another hosting account by transferring it to Bluehosting. It’s easy, it just needs a few clicks!

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Unlock and Authcode

Ask your current provider for the unblocking and authcode of the domain you want to transfer to Axarnet.

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Accept the transfer

Confirm that you want to transfer the domain by replying to the email that will reach your administrative email.

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Transfer performed

After accepting the transfer, it will take place in 5-7 business days. We'll let you know when it's done!

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No matter if you are a professional or a beginner, our WordPress Hosting Plans are intuitive and very simple to use.

Security and Protection

With LiteSpeed’s caching mechanism, CloudFlare protection and an SSL certificate, your WordPress site has enhanced security.


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Our wide range of plugins gives your website the boost and the finishing touches it needs to beat the competition.

Internet domains are the names that allow identifying companies, people, organizations … on the Internet. A domain allows you to visit Web pages or have email accounts, among other functions. And is that technically a domain is used to locate a machine on the Internet that is responsible for managing these services. 

The DNS servers that serve a domain are responsible for maintaining the relative information of the place where the domain is hosted.

Our nameservers are

It is the process of moving your domain from one provider to a different one. You can expand information in our domain transfer section.

Not necessarily, with the added value services that offers when registering a domain, you can simply link your domain to any other hosting company including blogger.

If you make the payment by credit card, the registration is immediate, if instead you choose bank, easypaisa, jazzcash transfer, the domain will not be registered until the payment is received.